Graphic Designer, Animator, Video & Sound Editor
Digital Media Graduate from the University of Portsmouth

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I am a Digital Media graduate from the University of Portsmouth, who finished with a Second Class Upper Division (2:1). I have a particular interest in coding, script, user experience design, and audio/visual editing.


During my degree, I have learnt how to be hard working, how to approach issues creatively, and how to learn and adapt to situations quickly whilst never missing a deadline.

I am familiar with a wide variety of software, and with creating multiple types of media, including vector diagrams, fully functional and interactive websites, animations, and professional level imagery, audio, and video editing.

Software I am familiar with include:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, After Effects, Adobe Animate,

Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Logic Pro X, InVision, and more.



Collection of some of my work. Click on each image to find further details on them.

Websites created for Clients

Since leaving university, I have created some professional websites for clients to advertise and conduct business through. Below is a list of these websites, and a link to view each of the live addresses. Each website includes multiple pages and I have been in contact with the client throughout and after the design process, helping with further support and showing the client how to make small changes to the websites themselves if needed.

The Benefits of Shared Transport

The Benefits of Shared Transport consists of an infographic poster and a short infographic video aimed at general audiences of all ages. These two works explain the benefits of using shared transportation over private transportation in a light-hearted and family friendly approach.

This collection of work was a solo project, and I provided all visual elements and voice overs for both the poster and video. All sound effects and music used in the video was provided by a royalty free service, as credited.

Imagery used in both the poster and video were created in Adobe Illustrator, and were further animated using Adobe Animate. The poster was created using Adobe Photoshop, and the video was creating using Adobe AfterEffects.

The Benefits of Shared Transport Poster
Website Layout Design Process

Shown below are four images of the website design process for the layout of a website. For this example, a games journalist website design was created.

The process shows the progression between wireframing, collaging, creating a mock-up, to showing the final product. The first three steps shown were created using Adobe Photoshop, however the Final Product was created using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The final product was complete with a shopping cart system built in for users to rent games listed on the website and for the website to update these numbers accordingly.

Mobile App Prototyping

Designed with a group for a university project, this app prototype is designed to help new students who struggle with using maps navigate to University buildings across the city using first person imagery or videos to give a more perspective based experience when using the navigation app to help prevent confusion. This would specifically give a pre-set list of locations of official student accommodation buildings and official University of Portsmouth buildings.


Click here to read the Read Me.


Click here to view the Mobile App Prototype.


Click here to read the Design Document.

Electrical Plug Diagram

A detailed vector diagram created in Adobe Illustrator showing the components of an Electrical Plug.

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Video Filming and Editing

Alongside my digital filming group in university, I filmed and edited a mock-up interview based around a hypothetical company's recent advertisement. The video was edited using Adobe Premier Pro.

Video/Audio Synchronising

A further example of my video editing ability is synchronising sounds to a video in a natural approach. The original video has been muted, and I have reconstructed the sound effects and synchronised such with the actions shown.

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